Papyrus 75

Papyrus Bodmer XV (p75)175-225 C.E.

This papyrus codex with 51 surviving leaves now contains parts of Luke and John. The pages were originally about 10.2 by 5.1 inches and well preserved. Each page is written in a single column of from 38 to 45 lines and each line has 25 to 36 letters. The pages are not numbered. The handwriting is a clear uncial which when compared to other papyri dates the manuscript to sometime between 175 and 225 C.E.

In the first line of the image, notice the high point just after the letter nu (N) and before the omicron (O). When compared to another high point in line 9 which has plenty of space around it, one can conclude that the point was not originally written but was inserted by a corrector. The text then must be considered as two witnesses.

Notice also that instead of the letters "OUDEN," this manuscript has the two words "OUDE EN." Either one of the epsilons has been dropped (if P75 is the original reading) or it has been reduplicated (if P66 represents the original reading). The meaning is actually altered little, only making the expression more emphatic.

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