Codex Vaticanus

Codex Vaticanus (B or 03) mid fourth (Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Ms. Vat. gr. 1209)
Used with permission.

Originally, this codex was a complete Christian Bible with OT and NT. The OT is almost complete and consists of 617 leaves. The NT is made up of 142 leaves. The leaves measure about 10.8 inches on each side. The text appears in three columns with 40 to 44 lines of text per column and about 16 to 18 letters per line.

The letters are written in a brown ink and sometimes are resting on the guidance line and at other times have the ruled line running halfway between the lines of writing. The letters are evenly spaced uncial letters although sometimes smaller letters are crowded together at the end of lines in an attempt to finish a word or to start the next line with a consonant. There is no word separation (scriptio continua) and virtually no punctuation.

One scribe worked on the OT and another the NT. A corrector went through the manuscript, probably soon after its writing. Then a second corrector worked on the manuscript much later (10th or 11th century) and traced over the faded letters with fresh ink omitting letters and words he considered to be wrong. He also added accent and breathing marks.

Notice at the end of the first line below that there is a line written out to the side. This represented the letter Nu (N). In the full picture of Codex Vaticanus, look in the margin to the far right, you will see something written out to the side. The scribe forgot a phrase which was later written out in the margin with a symbol designating where it should be inserted. In the left margin of the third column, about half way down, you can see a mark written. This is the letter Beta (B) representing the number two. This is a chapter marker.

We find in this codex the same reading as in P75 (before the punctuation was added). However, we still can not be sure where a break in the sentence would fall and, consequently, how to punctuate the passage.

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