Codex 666

Codex 666 (Ms. Gr. 1) 12th or 13th Cent.

The writing in this manuscript is in minuscule script. It exists today in 37 quires with 294 leaves containing the four Gospels. The leaves measure approximately 8.3 by 6.0 inches. One column of text appears on each page with 23 or 24 lines of writing. Words are written in scriptio continua and have accents and breathings. Punctuation consists of high, middle, and low points, comma, and question mark. OT quotations are sometimes marked. The initial letters are written in red; initial letters at the beginnings of books appear in red, blue, and gold. For each gospel there is, at the beginning, a list of chapter titles for that gospel and a seated portrait of the author.

At the end of the Line 5 (arrow 1) there is a low point. But the next line has a mid point after only two words (arrow 2). The latter punctuation has blank space before and after it. Both are not grammatically possible. The prior punctuation appears at the end of the line and is more likely to have been added by a corrector. He did not bother to change the existing punctuation.

Notice that again we have the two words "oude en." The original text supports the reading of some of the other manuscripts regarding the wording, but is unique in its punctuation and wording. The corrected text is in agreement with the corrector of Papyrus 75, the corrector of Sinaiticus, and Codex Washingtonensis.

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