Errors Caused by Poor Judgment


There are times when scribes inadvertently copy a marginal gloss right into the text itself. This shows that some scribes were not paying attention to what they were doing and perhaps did not even think about what they were writing.


II Cor. 8:4

In many minuscule manuscripts there is a variant apparently influenced by an assimilation of wording from 2 Cor. 6:1 (adding at the end of the verse the words dexasthai umas).

[It seems that a scribe added a note in the margin which read "in many of the copies thus it is found." A scribe of a subsequent manuscript, according to J. A. Bengel (1687-1752), incorporated this comment directly into his text as though it were part of Paul's words.]

Luke 3:23-38

The fourteenth-century codex 109 of the Four Gospels was transcribed from a copy which must have had Luke's genealogy of Jesus in two columns. Instead of following the columns, the scribe copied across the columns with disastrous results. Of course, everyone is made the son of the wrong father. Worse than that, instead of ending with "...Adam, the son of God," this manuscript has God being the son of Aram and the source of the whole race is not God but Phares!

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